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club perk

the ultimate perk

Club Perk is a benefit that gives your team free delivery on any personal DeliverEats orders they make within our delivery area.

Whether they're working remotely, having a weekend takeaway or family meal, they save on delivery costs.

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As well as takeaways, Club Perk includes free delivery on groceries, so they can save time and stock up on essentials in a few clicks.

making life easier

getting started is simple

You can choose a Club Perk subscription for as little as one month.

Each member you include gets a unique code to add to their personal DeliverEats account.


what our clients say

"everything these guys do is delicious!"


  • How much does your catering services cost?
    We have catering options to suit every budget. From a small event to your summer or Christmas party, our catering team can find a solution you'll love that fits within your budget. There are no hidden costs, and we don't charge any fees on top.
  • Is there a minimum spend?
    Our minimum spend for catering starts from just TSh 300,000. Email us at and we'll help you deliver something delicious that'll get your guests talking.
  • How far in advance do I have to place a catering order?
    Generally we can take orders up to a day in advance, especially for smaller team lunches and meetings. Larger events like a Christmas or summer party usually require more planning, so it’s best to contact us with well in advance to give you the most choice.
  • How are catering orders delivered?
    Catering orders are delivered via car, van or using our rider fleet depending on the size of your order.
  • Can you provide waiting staff?
    Yes we can. Either directly via the catering provider you’ve chosen or alternatively through a third party we’ll book on your behalf. Email us at and we can organise the best option for your event.
  • Do you provide catering services?
    Yes, we do! Fill out our catering form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • How much does DeliverEats Club for Business cost?
    DeliverEats for Business is 60,000 TSh per month with no minimum spend. You pay a flat delivery fee (no surge pricing with us!) and no service fees on orders. Depending on the size of your business, we may charge a small admin fee which you’ll be able to see in your monthly invoices. If you don’t place any orders in a month, you won’t pay this fee.
  • Do have to sign a contract?
    Simply fill out your details using this form for DeliverEats Club for Business, or this one for our catering service. Once you've filled out all the steps, opted-in to an agreement and accepted our terms and conditions, you'll receive an email confirmation. If we need any more information from you, a member of our account management team will get in touch. In most cases, you can start using your account within just 48 hours.
  • How do Meal Allowances work?
    Once you’ve signed up to DeliverEats Club for Business we’ll ask you to upload a file with the names and teams of employees you’d like to give a Meal Allowance to. There’s no upper or lower limit. Then you choose the team, the time, the amount and where their order can be delivered, so you’re always in control. Find out more about Meal Allowances
  • How do I create a Group Order?
    Just log in to DeliverEats with your DeliverEats Club for Business account, pick your meals, and select ‘Place Group Order’, then share your order link with your team. Find out more about Group Ordering
  • How do I place a catering order?
    Email or contact your DeliverEats Club for Business account manager and we’ll help you to find the perfect catering solution for your event. Find out more about Catering
  • How do I buy a gift card?
    Head to our gift card store to buy an individual gift card, or place a bulk order (£500+). Find out more about Gift Cards
  • What is Club Perk?
    Club Perk is an employee perk that you can buy for your team at a discounted rate. It means your staff can enjoy unlimited free delivery on all of their personal DeliverEats orders, at any time. Find out more about Club Perk
  • How do I get TSh 50,000 off my first corporate order?
    All you need to do is sign up to DeliverEats Club for Business, place your first order over TSh 300,000 and when we invoice you, you'll receive a TSh 50,000 credit note. T&Cs: Credit note supplied on first invoice. Minimum spend of TSh 300,000 applies. Delivery, service and admin fees apply. Please see for full terms.
  • Where are you located?
    You can find us just behind Airtel HQ, beside Kiyave Store. The nearest bus stations are Morocco DART Terminal or Morocco B Stand. If you have any problems locating us, drop us a message on our chat and we'll assist you.
  • How do I place an order?
    Visit, choose your delivery method (Delivery/Pickup/Dine-in) and enter your delivery address, pick-up location or table number. Select your meal(s) from our range of cuisines and proceed to checkout. For Delivery orders, please pay via M-Pesa to 0760 122 815. For Pick-up orders, please pay at the window of your chosen pickup location. Once payment is made we'll prepare your order. Please note that all orders that remain unpaid for more than five minutes will be cancelled.
  • How long will my food take to arrive?
    Please allow an average time of 30 mins for delivery orders and 15 minutes for pickup orders.
  • How many Meal Allowances can I create?
    You can create as many Meal Allowances as you want, there’s no limit. You can set up an allowance for your whole business, specific teams, or individual employees. You decide how much and when the meal allowance can be used, so you’re always in control.
  • What if an order costs more than the Meal Allowance?
    If an order costs more than the amount in the Meal Allowance, your colleague will only need to pay the difference. We recommend budgeting between 30,000 TSh - 50,000 TSh for individual employees, or around TSh 200,000 TSh for a team of 4 or 5. To avoid disappointment, it’s a good idea to share how much the Meal Allowance is before they order.
  • How will I receive my monthly invoice?
    If you are the account admin, you’ll receive a monthly invoice via email and you then have 30 days to pay the invoice. Email your account manager to request previous invoices.
  • How do I add a meal allowance with my team?
    Once you set up a Meal Allowance, your team will get an email to create an account with their work email address. Their Meal Allowance will appear as a payment option at checkout.
  • How does Group Ordering work?
    Once they have set up a DeliverEats Club for Business account, any member of your team can start the order on behalf of their group. Find out more about Group Ordering.
  • How do I send an individual gift card?
    You can purchase and send an individual e-gift card here. Choose the amount you want to gift, enter the recipient’s name and email, then add a message and the sender’s name. You can send it straight away or choose a future date.
  • How do I place a bulk order for gift cards?
    If you want to order a large number of e-gift cards - totalling 1.5M TSh or more - create an account in our bulk order portal to place your first order.
  • Can I put any amount on the DeliverEats gift card?
    Digital gift cards can be charged with any value between 20,000 TSh and 3.3M TSh.
  • Can I buy a physical gift card?
    Unfortunately we don't supply physical gift cards. 😓
  • How long are DeliverEats gift cards valid for?
    DeliverEats gift cards are valid for 12 months.
  • Does the gift card have to be used on a DeliverEats Club for Business account?
    No, all gift cards are redeemable on any DeliverEats account, so your colleague can use it on their personal account if they prefer.
  • How many orders can I place with group ordering?
    Up to 100 people can place a group order at any one time. For larger orders, please send the list of additional people you'd like to add to your dedicated account manager.
  • How will we know who has ordered what?
    Just check the order receipt when your food arrives. Each person’s name will be next to the dish or dishes they chose.
  • My group order is very large, how will it be delivered?
    We can offer a single delivery service via van if: Your order is over £500. The order is scheduled for next day delivery Your order is placed using a DeliverEats meal allowance Please contact with your order details.
  • How much does Club Perk cost?
    The cost of a Club Perk subscription will depend on how many employees you have and how long your subscription lasts. Club Perk is TSh 30,000 per month per employee. Your DeliverEats Club for Business account manager will be happy to discuss your options.
  • Is Club Perk the same as DeliverEats Club?
    A Club Perk subscription is a work perk that companies can give their team and is offered at the same cost as our consumer offering, DeliverEats Club.
  • How do I sign up for Club Perk?
    Speak to your DeliverEats Club for Business account manager or sign up here.
  • How many employees can have Club Perk?
    There’s no limit to how many employees can be offered Club Perk. If you want to add more employees to your subscription, simply email your account manager or log in to your account and add more.
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